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Handcrafted & Sustainably Designed

VALLNEZ MOZELL is a Brooklyn, New York based brand dedicated to low to zero waste design philosophy.  We carefully select discarded fabric remnants and recycled materials to curate our globally inspired products.  Our goal is to treat textile waste as the first resource and not as trash.  By partnering with companies that sell reclaimed materials we not only divert it from landfills, but we are able to create one of a kind upcycled products.  At VALLNEZ MOZELL we strive to craft a circular solution to the textile waste epidemic by extending the lifecycle of these materials.  Anything not used is properly recycled thus keeping them out of the landfills.


Handcrafted with love and attention to detail, our products are thoughtfully designed to be stylish and comfortable for the environmentally conscious consumer.  

Our goal is to encourage individuals to shop sustainable, donate, reuse and recycle.

Sustainably yours,


Vallnez Mozell-Ahearn



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