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At VALLNEZ MOZELL we are committed to keeping our products out of the landfills.  We would like to be responsible for the entire lifecycle of your espadrilles.  It's simple, once the you have exhausted your espadrilles please fill out the contact form and we will email you a pre-paid USPS label.  Upon receiving your return we will send you a code for 20% off your next pair of espadrilles.  

What's the happens with the worn espadrilles?

First we remove the fabric upper from the jute sole. 







We then wash and sort the fabric based on it's usable condition.  Fabrics that are gently worn are cut into strips that will be used to weave future textiles.  Any fabric that is unusable will be taken to a recycling facility to be turned into shoddy that will be used for other applications such as installation or rug pads.


The jute soles will either be repaired and used for training purposes or taken to a recycling facility to be shredded and repurposed.

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